Wii60 Made Real, Expensive, Fugly

3e6010112e786618539bae3f06b12577.jpg Ack! Dubbed the "ITC One," that monstrosity contains, are you ready, a Wii, an Xbox 360, an HD DVD player, an HDD recorder, a sound processor, an iPod dock, amps and a whole lotta tackiness. Price: $US 25,000. For that, you'd think maker Se2 Labs would've thrown in a PlayStation 3. Company CEO Michael Pyle tells game site Siliconera: "The PlayStation 3 is not as user friendly and it doesn't have access to a Windows Media Center." The head-scratching doesn't stop there: Se2 Labs didn't make it possible to remove the Wii and expose the GameCube ports. According to Se2, most consumers don't care about BC anyhoo. Kooky, huh? Makes about as much sense as, well, creating the ITC One.
Se2 Labs [Siliconera][Pic]


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