Wii Getting Neo Geo Arcade Stick

neogeostick.jpgThe Hori fighting wha? Huh? Who knows. Nobody cares anymore. Not with news that the Neo Geo Stick 2, that stellar SNK/Sega collaboration for the PS2, is headed for the Wii. It'll support both Wii and VC titles, ships in April and will set you back ¥4560 (a pinch under $US 50). No idea whether it'll be the same as the PS2's black version, or if they'll decide there's a shortage of white peripherals for the Wii that needs to be urgently addressed.
Neo Geo Stick 2 coming to Wii [Wii Fanboy]


    [...] sell for around fifty bucks when it comes back into stock. However, the actual PS3 version of the Neo Geo arcade stick from NCSX is still around and retails for about ten dollars less. Which controller is right [...]

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