Wii Hacked?

5413855.png We're not so surprised that the Wii has been apparently cracked, but rather, that it's taken so long. Still! The folks over at forum TehSkeen has figured out an exploit to modify a saved game from Twilight Princess, crash the machine and have been able to run a few lines of their own code. It's not even necessary to "mod" the Wii console to run this exploit. Don't freak yet, as it's only possible to run four lines of code so far. From the TehSkeen:

The process is far from simple as once you modify a save game it requires it be to signed with 3 keys. Here's some info from Bushing.

"Once the Wii decrypts the save game, it checks its signature. Every Wii has its own private key which is used to sign save games, and when you save a game, the Wii actually saves three bits of data:

* The encrypted save game
* The signature for the save game (using your console's private key)
* A copy of your console's public key, signed by Nintendo."

Of course, the end user wouldn't have to go through this process unless they were wanting to inject their own code into the save game, but that shouldn't be necessary...

For those interested in taking advantage of a cracked Wii, this exploit looks promising.
Zelda Exploit [Teh Skeen via Hobby Blog]


    Ahhh, how indeed time has changed.

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