Wii Hacker Shares His Secrets

wiihack.jpgThere’s an interview with self-proclaimed Wii hacker “Bushing” over at Atomic. In it, the man chats about his console-related coding exploits – forcing the Wii to crash, cheat and display “Hello, World!” in various colours, fonts and flavours of chocobo.

Most of the interview is an interesting read, but if I had to cherry pick a couple of choice quotes, this one would be included:

It’s possible to run Gamecube games on the Wii, and people have long been able to run homebrew code in Gamecube mode — unfortunately, this turns off most of the “interesting” hardware on the Wii, specifically anything that wasn’t present on a Gamecube.

We’ve know for a while that the Wii’s hardware is not that different from the GameCube’s, so this makes sense. Now what we want to know is how long until we’re dual-booting the Wii and GameCube operating systems?

Also in the interview is this fascinating scrap of info:

Atomic: I know your public key research is still secret, but what other interesting things did you find?
Bushing: Probably the most exciting thing was that we discovered a secret second microprocessor buried inside the graphics chip.

So what’s this secret chip used for? You’ll have to read the rest of the interview to find out.

Interview with a Wii hacker [Atomic, thanks David]


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