Wii Hits 5 Million In Japan (Bonus: Top 5-Selling Games)

wiijapan.jpg Japanese publisher Enterbrain have announced that the Nintendo Wii has just sold its five millionth unit in Japan. As of January 20, 5,019,337 had been sold, which translates to an average of 385,000 every month. Also announced were the top five-selling games for the console, which look a lot like this:

1. Wii Sports - 2,663,938
2. Wii Play - 2,139,084
3. Mario Party 8 - 1,153,648
4. Wii Fit - 1,113,626
5. Super Mario Galaxy - 843,961

All the best to Nintendo for all the money they're making, really, but I can't help but look at that list and shed a quiet tear or two.
Wii breaks five million mark [MCV]


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