Wii Is An Exercise "Gimmick"?

fat%20and%20happy.jpg The waggle, some say, won't help chunky UK kids get in shape. The British Department of Health's plans to introduce the Wii in schools to prevent childhood obesity has been labeled a "gimmick." A plan by the Droitwich and Worcester City School Sport Partnership to have children play Wii games to improve health and attendance has been endorsed by the DoH, but derided by the Campaign for Real Education. Says the campaign's chairman Nick Seaton:

It looks like another gimmick. It's pandering to the views of the physically idle... Pupils would be far better doing serious competitive sports and games than this sort of thing.

Nick Seaton, Wii Sports hater. Meanwhile, the British government is more optimistic, stating: "We welcome the positive impact that innovations like these can have as a first step towards getting people to participate in a broader range of physical activities and to enjoy the many benefits of a physically active lifestyle."
Games Scheme is "Gimmick" [Channel 4 via GamesIndustry][Pic]


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