WiiSaber Update!

nintendo-wii-lightsaber-star-wars-game-coming-this-fall-from-lucasarts.jpgThis time from Game Informer, we have some fresh new details on LucasArts' The Force Unleashed (Wii) and the mythological WiiSaber. As we'd heard rumblings of before, swinging the Wiimote will not be 1:1 with the onscreen saber. Force powers will be motion controlled, but whether or not the Wiimote will do double-duty between lightsaber and said powers is uncertain. The only example we know of is Force Push, which requires the player to (you guessed it) push with the nunchuck.

I'm really, really hoping this will be good. And until we have the game in our hands to decide, expect bajillions of such updates as we get more info.
A few more Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Wii details [gonintendo]


    It'd be great if it came with an attachment that shoots a beam of light too...

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