Will Work With Microsoft If There's "Merit"

love.gif Poor Microsoft. Square Enix just *might* throw you a bone. If you are nice and there is "merit." Yes, merit. Things are only slightly better for the PS3, which Square is finding "challenging." For the Wii and the DS? Nothing but love. Over at NeoGAF, forum member farnham translated an interview with Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada. Highlights include:

If there is a merit cooperating with Microsoft we will do this. We might give some projects to separate studios and make games for the X360. The main platforms for Square Enix are the Nintendo platforms and the PS3. The lion-share of the developers and our infrastructure as well as our capital is for NDS, Wii and PS3, and this is not going to change... We are astonished by Wii's success and the Nintendo dominance. We thought that the PS3 and the Wii will coexist due to the difference between both strategies, but in the end the users will decide which platform we develop on. The SCE platforms at this point are a bit of a challenge... We think we can do much on the Wii. I talked to Iwata to exploit many possibilities and cheer him on.

What's with all the Microsoft hate, Square?
Wada Interview [NeoGAF via Go Nintendo]


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