Will Wright on the Making of the Sims

Will Wright on the Making of the Sims
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simsbox.jpg I do adore Rock, Paper, Shotgun – I actually got hooked with an article they published on the ghostly eroticism of The Sims – and last week, they put up an interesting interview with Will Wright on the making of The Sims. I’m not a Sims player myself, but regardless of your feelings on Will Wright and/or his games, it really is an interesting tale of game development. OK, the go get ’em tiger positivity is a little grating:

The Sims is the ultimate story of a triumph of a game designer: being proved right when almost everyone else thought him wrong. So what advice would he give to a fellow developer when considering trying to bring their own, unique, dream project into existence. “Never underestimate the value of persistence,” he states, “Even with SimCity, I spent several years trying to convince people that SimCity would be a good game. Around that time it just seemed that it was a battle that could not be won. If you’re incredibly persistent, and you really believe, then persistence can overcome any number of barriers.”

But besides making my teeth hurt in parts, it’s an interesting look at the process of getting a game into development from idea to production.

Making Of: The Sims [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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