Win A Copy Of Grand Theft Auto III, Signed By Jack Thompson

Win A Copy Of Grand Theft Auto III, Signed By Jack Thompson
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gta_iii_by_jt.jpgWe’ve seen people go to extreme lengths for both charity and eBay auctions, but this particular item, a copy of Grand Theft Auto III signed by fan fave Jack Thompson at VGXPO, combines the two in an attractive package. According to the listing, the PlayStation 2 version of the game can be yours (we think) for the low, low price of $US 4,000, the proceeds of which will be redirected in full to the Child’s Play charity. There’s even a picture of the signee and auction lister—who we’re told is not TV’s famous Wil Wheaton—to aid in the proof of authenticity.

What is suspect, however, is whether you actually get the signed copy of the game for your four large, seemingly the entire point of dropping this much cash on a used PS2 game. The eBay listing comes with the unclear note “Please note: I do not actually want to sell this. I am just listing it for show and to hopefully win a contest. However, if you want to spend $US 4000 on this then I will donate 100% of the proceeds to Child’s Play Charity.” The seller does have a 99.9% positive rating, so I wager you’ll be satisfied. If you do decide to give up the cash, let us know when (and if) you get it.

Grand Theft Auto III Signed By Jack Thompson (PS2) [eBay – thanks, Rick!]


  • Guys, that sounds a lot like Jack, if you ever read his posts from pre-ban

    He says HOOAH quite a bit – he picked it up from “Scent of a Woman”, I believe, and refuses to stop using it despite the fact that it is an insult to our soldiers.

    The bravado, the insults, and the “sociopath” comment are all 100% JT. If it’s a spoof, it’s a damn good one.

    As for his bravado, I think he has to force himself to believe that, especially considering how many times he has lost recently. I don’t recall the last video-game related thing he actually ever won, besides a debate against an opponent who wasn’t educated on the subject-matter. He’s a persistant failure, I’ll give him that.

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