WolfQuest Is Out Right Now!

WolfQuest Is Out Right Now!
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wolfquest.jpg Wait, Wolfquest is out already? Where were our press releases? Our embeddable launch trailers? Our large, zipped asset packs? Nowhere, that’s where, so we’re left to find out about this ourselves: Wolfquest (or at least it’s first episode) has been released, and is ready for download. It’s a 75MB download, is available for both Windows and Mac, and is FREE. If only we’d known this last week, before we went ahead and ran our now-worthless GOTYs. Mario Galaxy’s OK, we guess, but does he SMELL ELK? No, he sure as shit does not.


  • I really can’t see your problem with the downloading. It took 5 mins for me to load the whole thing up, and I got a medium fast computer. It was the getting IN to the downloading site that took it’s time. Really. It took it’s time.
    Anyways, it sounded like a good game. I’ve always liked wolves and now I got my shot at being one. It worked fine, actually. Except. I chose a male wolf. And I just wanted a mate and have cubs and kill bears and suck xD. The part about bears are true enough. I chased one away and died a couple of times trying… Well, anyway the thing about mates. I went to another territory and I met a Male Wolf. Got him chased away. And then a female. That was harder. Seriously. What’s wrong with them? I meet up and she says. Who are you looking for or something like that. And I said I’ll wait. Then she wanted to be boss. I just waited. And she beated the hell out of me before she said. No offense ment. OMG! Take it easy I said. And she was sweet and apoligizes to me. But no new chat opportunity came up. SO I just kept saying I’ll wait. AND THEN SHE ATTACKED ME! Damned wolf. And I died. I tried that out several times with different approaches. And every time I get killed. Cause I don’t want to kill her. Man, she’s my future mate! I even tried running a loong way to get to another female. And same thing again. And it’s the meaning of the game to have cubs and a territory! WTF. IT’S NOT POSSIBLE!!!! Sry for language…. AHhh… stupid game!

    Foxy Fox

  • okay folks- if you have trouble finding a mate, HERES WHAT YOU DO. on the map there are purple spots. go to each one ONCE and press v to follow pee spots (gross i know, but it realistic.) find a wolf each one, the second you get the chance, RUN AWAY. UNTILL YOU HAVE MET ONE WOLF FROM EACH PURPLE SPLOT YOU NEED TO RUN AWAY. now, after the last one, try to remember the setting of were this wolf is. walk away then return to dfind a different wolf. if its the same, you havent walked far enough. continue this untill you see a DISPERSAL wolf it has to be a DISPERSAL wolf, or you will need to try again. when you find one of the opposit gender, befriend it, dont be assertive. gain 5 hearts, and TADA!!! you have a mate. good luck!

  • First of all i was reading what foxy said and omg dude seriously chill no wonder got got beat up like hell and sorry i usually dont cuss but its a GAME GET OVER IT! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus you might have chosen the harder female rofl seriously me and my noy friend and friends read your coment well that was soo un called for but it is tottaly crap but eh its ook but need something better 😀 ok laters from:miss popularity

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