World’s First 7.1 Game Announced, You Are Not Affected

World’s First 7.1 Game Announced, You Are Not Affected
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prototype.jpgGot a 7.1 surround sound system at your place? No, didn’t think so. Let’s just imagine more than 0.3% of you do, though, and draw attention to the fact that Sierra’s upcoming title Prototype will be the first game to ever support the format at launch. What does this mean? As we already established, to 99.7% of you, squat. But for anyone who’s decided 8 speakers > 6 speakers, and then decided to go out and get yourself adequately set up, you’ll no doubt be chuffed!
Prototype first to use new 7.1 surround sound [CVG]


  • Umm i was just looking through my jap copy of GT5 prologue and i can’t read it but the diagram sure makes it look like it has 7.1 sound.

  • I’m quite surprised that this is the first game ever to support it. I wonder where you guys learned that, it’s really interesting.

    Meh, 5.1 does the job for me, I consider myself lucky to have it in my room. 7.1 can’t hurt though, but I don’t imagine it’s a massive step up from 5.1 – but then I sit close to the front of the room, near the front speakers, so maybe I don’t see the benefit of side speakers as much as some people would.

  • Killzone 2 announced at GDC AGES AGO, and I mean officially anounced ages ago, IT would be supporting 7.1 surround sound…. and Killzone was not the first game to announced this/ Lair *cough* / MGS4 / DMC 4/ GT5 prologue/ boobs

    Great post Kotaku/Dumb

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