Wrap-o-matic: Thursday Night

Final Enemy Territory: Quake Wars SDK Available Now Time to make that mod you've always wanted to do - you know, the naked Strogg one. Is that just me?

Resistance 2 Interviews, Hotness Alluded I'm not exactly sure how eight-player co-op will work, only that it'll be completely nuts. And fun.

GarageGames Reveals Fallen Empire: Legions The spirit of Tribes resurrected as a web-based shooter? I wish it all the best but I'll reserve judgement until I play it.

Sega To Open A Ton Of Amusement Parks (Nowhere Near You) You'd think Sega would have learned from the disaster that was Sega World Australia. Obviously not.

First Devil May Cry 4 Review Apparently you'll love and hate it. Unless you like dudes with bright white hair, in which case you'll probably just lick it.


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