Wrestler's Gaming Column is a Rambling Mess

0038.jpg Pro wrestler Christian Cage (aka Jason Reso) isn't quite ready to trade in his spandex tights just yet, but has taken up a gaming column over at GameTap. The majority of his first column is about how much he likes games or what he's going to write about. For example:

In future columns what I'd like to do is throw in some thoughts on my wrestling career, maybe some road stories or whatever I've got going on that's interesting, but my focus will be playing a game every month and reviewing it. Doesn't sound all that hard, right? For me it is. You see, I'm the type of gamer that plays a game and gets addicted to that game and plays absolutely nothing else but that game for months at a time. This will actually help me with my problem. I'm not lying — I have a serious problem. You want proof? Gears of War is still sitting unopened in its original packaging on a shelf in my game room (gasp!). There was a time I played Top Spin 2 for eight months straight. It got so bad, friends were planning to break into my house and steal it from my console just so I would play something else...but I'll get back to that. Like I was saying, this will give me the chance to play a variety of games and give you my feedback—but until then I think I'll just ramble.

Look forward to future rambling antics where Cage goes on and on about his unhealthy obsession with Puyo Puyo and why he can't seem to break the seal on his Mass Effect copy. So insightful.
Cage Column [GameTap via Game|Life]


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