Xbox Division Is Back In Black

robbie_bach_profit_face.jpgMicrosoft revealed its own financial results for the previous quarter today, showing the the company's Xbox division—better known as the Entertainment & Devices Division, which also includes the Zune and more—was profitable. Again! That makes two quarters in a row that the division succeeded in not losing money, something that should please Master Gates, J Allard and investors. The group pulled in $US 357 million in operating income for the final quarter of calendar year 2007, much better than the loss of $US 302 million in 2006.

That puts Microsoft's E&DD team up over a half-billion for fiscal year 2008, which, if they continue to perform positively, will go a long to proving Robbie Bach right about profitability. Hey, they might not be Nintendo numbers, but it's a step in the right direction.

Do I hear some of you chanting three-peat(TM)?

Microsoft Reports Record Second Quarter Results [Microsoft]


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