Xbox Live Downtime Due To Service Attack?

hack_hack_hack_hack.jpgWhen Xbox Live got a case of the internet sniffles this past week, many just assumed that either the hamster powering the Live servers had given up the ghost or that the crush of Christmas-figted 360s put a heavy strain on the service. Not Primotech, as they say they have word from "a source close to Microsoft" that Live buckled under a systematic denial of service attack. Yeah, hackers!

Primotech couldn't confirm the story with Microsoft rep and Live face Larry Hryb, but writes it expects a PR announcement soon. As long as Microsoft and the Xbox team do right by subscribers, I can't imagine a furious uproar over the downtime. What I want to know is what did Xbox Live ever do to you, DOS meanies?

Recent Xbox Live Issues May Be Result of Attack [Primotech]


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