Yes, Sony Still Cares About Backwards Compat

ps9.jpg Remember when Sony took backwards compatibility out of the PLAYSTATION 3? That hurt. But, don't worry, it appears as though Sony hasn't totally given up on BC. A job listing for a development engineer has popped up on the Sony Computer Entertainment site. The job entails:

Implementing and improving software emulation for the PS/PS2/PSP/PS2 for the PS3 and the next generation system.

Sure, no doubt Sony is planning their next console (as are Microsoft and Nintendo), but that's still pie in the sky stuff! What interests us: Sony clearly hasn't given up on BC and seems be interested in PSP games on the PS3. Meaning? We assume players could download PSP for play on the PS3 — the opposite of the current PS3 to PSP transfer. And right now, that sounds way neater than any PS4 rumours.
Job Listing [Sony Computer Entertainment via GameFront via GAMER via Dtoid]


    I would love to play my PSP games on my PS3. I already have BW compatibility for everything else, so I'm not to worried about that. BTW, what is with the PS/PS2/PSP/PS2. I don't think you have to list PS2 twice to get the point across. :)

    One engineer....gee times must be hard for Sony. They really need to pull their act together and start becoming customer focused. My interest in Sony 's consoles died along side Playstation's compatibility. Along with the other "120 million" stranded users.

    i have never played a PS3 or any PS . I would love to trial one for you. call me. please.

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