Zalman Wins Kotaku's Least Worst 3D Gaming Display CES Award

zalman_zmachine_3d.jpgCongratulations to the team at Zalman for walking away with this year's coveted Least Worst 3D Gaming Display award, which I suppose will now have to be a yearly tradition when we cover CES. Of all the companies demonstrating custom 3D solutions for PC games, Zalman's caused the least eyestrain, generated the lightest amount of nausea and required players to suffer the least dorky eyewear. Playing Unreal Tournament 2004 was actually quite fun in simulated 3D. What made the experience even better wat that crowds had thinned on the fourth day of CES 2008 to the point where we don't think anyone but Zalman reps saw us wearing dainty polarized glasses. Kudos to them and the team at Nvidia for making a nearly interesting experience!


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