Zombie Panic Source Brings Zombies, Panic To Source

zombie_panic_source.jpgDon't be jealous of the Germans. We can all have some fresh Source engine content to play, now that the Zombie Panic Source mod has gone live. The Half-Life 2 modification brings zombie versus human gameplay to Source earlier than Turtle Rock Studios' own Left 4 Dead will, but it probably won't, as a free product, arrive with the same amount of polish. The premise is fairly simple—a team of humans must fend off a zombie invasion, with one player taking the role of zombie virus carrier, adding to his or her zombie horde by taking out the opposing team. Each faction has its own quirks and abilities, naturally, to make the whole affair (hopefully) balanced and replayable. Regardless of the spitshine on this one, more zombie games are never, ever a bad thing.

Zombie Panic Source [Official Site via FileFront]


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