10 Balance Board Games Coming (Who's Buying Wii Fit?)

Wii Fit just one shot deal? Nope! According to Nintendo of America honcho Reggie Fils-Aime, there are ten more Balance Board games coming. Good news for those who plan on picking up the peripheral. Wii Fit has been a smash hit in Japan, but what about America? It could be even bigger says Reggie:

We think here in the United States the reaction will be just as strong if not stronger given the American focus and psyche on being fit, and the game itself is going to be localized for our audience. We expect to have comparable success here in the U.S. if not a stronger result than what Japan has seen so far... Our sights are set very high for the this product so our goal is to make sure we have over a million units available at launch to support it... There are over 10 games in development that take advantage of the Balance Board. Certainly in terms of ongoing enjoyment, we believe that Wii Fit plus the Balance Board will provide that to the consumer.

Confident, much? Alright, quick show of hands, who's buying? Yay or meh.
Reggie on Wii Fit [IGN via NSider][Pic]


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