18 Million 360s Sold Worldwide

The 360's been out since 2005. Plenty of time to sell plenty of consoles. But just how many have Microsoft actually sold? John Schappert's got the answer: 18 million. And that's worldwide. Well...North America and Britain, mostly. Most other places, including Japan and, more importantly, Sony's European heartland, couldn't give a rat's arse. Which is something Microsoft are both aware of and are trying to turn around:

We look, and we are hitting the ball out of the park in North America, and I think that there's regions of Europe where we're not doing as well as we'd like to do, and we have room for improvement. Those are renewed areas and key areas of focus for us.

Might want to focus a little harder. If the single biggest gaming market in the world isn't digging your product on the scale Europe ain't digging it, you got problems!
GDC: Microsoft's John Schappert [Eurogamer]


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