1UP Changes Scoring Policy, Letters To Replace Numbers

Scoring games using numbers? Sucks. It's a total mess. So it's probably with great pleasure that the 1UP team (including EGM and Games For Windows) have today announced that they're done with numbers. For good. In their place will be a school-like grading system, with titles ranked between A+ and F. The changes will take place during March on 1UP, in the April issue of EGM and the April/May issue of GFW. Best part? 1UP will be trawling through their reviews archives and updating the scores for every game they've ever reviewed, replacing the numerical value with a letter. 1UP's newly-promoted Editor-in-Chief, James Mielke, says:

...it'll more accurately convey how we feel about a game. I mean, we knew a 5 out of 10 meant 'average' to us, but no one else seemed to get the clue. So we're changing things around so that anyone who's gone to school will instantly know how we feel when they see our letter grade on a game review.

Smart move! Well done lads.
Editor-in-Chief? E tu, Milky? [1UP]


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