2007 European Hardware Sales (As Guessed By EA)

europe.jpg Unlike Japan and the US, it's nigh-on impossible to get accurate hardware sales numbers for the European market as a whole. There are multiple companies tracking their sales charts, not every country is covered in published sales figures, not every batch of data includes total sales figures, etc etc. Lots of problems. EA, though, have taken a swing at predicting 2007's hardware sales charts themselves, basing it all on what we assume is paid-for GfK and ChartTrack data.

2007 SALES

DS: 8.7 million
Wii: 4.8 million
PlayStation 2: 3.8 million
PlayStation Portable: 3.1 million
PlayStation 3: 2.8 million
Xbox 360: 1.9 million

So what can we learn from this? The DS is popular. The Wii is popular (though maybe not as popular as Nintendo themselves would have us believe). The PS3 is, unsurprisingly for Europe, a lot more popular than the 360. And the 360 is, well, in trouble, finishing in last place and actually selling fewer units in 2007 than they did in 2006 (where they sold an estimated 2 million).

In addition to these figures, EA also pony up and predict how 2008's going to unfold based on the current sales trends.


DS: 7 million
Wii: 7 million
PlayStation 3: 5.5 million
PlayStation Portable: 3 million
Xbox 360: 2 million
PlayStation 2: 1.95 million

Bear in mind these are officially "estimates" by EA, but with the kind of data they could afford to get hold of (remember, GfK and ChartTrack only supply detailed sales information to paying customers) I'd say these would be fairly close to the mark.
EA Financial Report Supplemental Segment Information [via Gamasutra]


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