25 Games Leaked For PAL PlayStation Store?

According to the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) website—think of it as Europe's ESRB—Sony has quite a few PS One classics in PSN's hopper. Because not only does PEGI rate titles; they also place said titles on their website for all to see. A simple search of the PSN platform reveals at least 25 titles that haven't been announced for PAL territories at this time. And even our North American contingent will appreciate the list, as it reveals a few games that even we haven't heard are coming to downloadable form yet.

01. Bust a Groove (Other/Music games)
02. Crash Bandicoot 3 (Action/Platform)
03. Colony Wars (Action/Platform)
04. Cool Boarders 2 (Sports/Extreme Sports)
05. Cool boarders 3 (Sports/Extreme Sports)
06. Destruction Derby 2 (Racing)
07. Devil Dice (Puzzle)
08. Everybody's Golf (Sports/Golf)
09. Klonoa (Action/Platform)
10. Kurushi Final (Puzzle)
11. Motor Toon Grand Prix (Racing)
12. Namco Museum (Other/Mini game Collection)
13. Namco Museum 2 (Puzzle)
14. Namco Museum 4 (Puzzle)
15. Omega Boost (Action/Shooter)
16. Ridge Racer (Racing/Arcade Racing)
17. Ridge Racer Type 4 (Racing)
18. Rollcage (Racing)
19. Spyro: Year of the Dragon (Action/Platform)
20. Tekken 2 (Fighting/Beat-Em-Up)
21. Tekken 3 (Fighting/Beat-Em-Up)
22. Twisted Metal (Racing)
23. Vib Ribbon (Other/Music games)
24. Wip3out (Racing/Futuristic Racing)
25. WipeOut 2097 (Racing/Futuristic Racing)

I was actually incredibly excited about the prospect of Tekken 3 before I remembered that I have Tekken Tag Tournament sitting on my shelf...and the original Twisted Metal looked enticing before I remembered the sequel was already on my hard drive. See anything you're jazzed about?

Thanks to Shard's hard work!
PEGI PSN List [PEGI via Videogamesblogger] [image]


    ooooh Omega Boost and earlier Ridge Racers!

    I don't mean to sound like a pansy but the most exciting one here for me is errr... bust-a-groove. Yeah, I know. But I have fond memories of that game, and I still get the songs in my head despite having not heard them for... what, 8 years?

    A demo of Devil Dice has already appeared on the Hong Kong store, although its called something else there. I just made a HK account and downloaded it to my UK Ps3 :-) Brings back memories!

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