2K Games & Steam: Civ IV Twice As Expensive, Bioshock Dumped

2K Games & Steam: Civ IV Twice As Expensive, Bioshock Dumped

bs_steam.jpgOh dear. Where has the “Purchase” button for Bioshock disappeared to? Why is Civilization IV so much more expensive than the identical US offering?

2K Games isn’t chucking an Activision and a THQ is it?

We’ve hit up the local PR for some answers, but understandably it’s not in control of the pricing or title listings for Australian Steam users. Our request has however been forwarded to those in the know, and we hope to have a reply for you guys later today or tomorrow.

In the past, Activision blamed Steam for similar shenanigans, and THQ was unwilling to comment on its activities. Maybe 2K Games will step up to the plate and be straight with us.

2K too good for Australia now!? [Steam Powered forums, thanks Cam]


  • Unfortunately, the ACCC has said it has no power to enforce ‘fair’ pricing in this arena, since people can charge whatever thy like (unless there is evidence of price fixing).

  • wow that’s lame. luckily it still seems to let you install Bioshock if you own it already.

    Civ has no pricing deets at all now.

  • One of the main reasons I believe in and support digital download as a superior method of distribution is that it slices through the archaic idea of dividing the world into zones for products, where everything from features to price to release date can be artificially varied for each zone. It’s sad and shameful to see companies continue to try and enforce these old business model paradigms in these new distribution systems, which do not have any of the (weak) justifications for their use in the first place.

    Come on Valve and 2K – whoever is responsible here please own up, release a ‘mea culpa’ press release and make things right. Don’t let the dodgy, monopolistic, vertically integrated (or at least incestuous) distribution methods of yesterday dictate those of tomorrow. Let technology reach its potential without corporate greed creating artificial limitations.

  • DAMN!

    I was going to buy Civ IV and Beyond the Sword in a months time (for a birthday present to myself).

    Looks like I’ll just have to buy a second hand boxed version from ebay instead…

  • Well Steam was cool while the us Australian were able to pay what the US did for their games. Publishers can go get effed if they expect me to pay more that US prices for digital distributed games.

  • Haha I swear their is a group that lives in some secret sky fortress & everytime they see Australia might be getting an alright deal on gaming they explode into action to punish the “heathens” for giving us a discount.

  • Thank you once again publishers for reminding me why we are refered to as a second “kaulumpur”.

    Yar har fiddle-d-di!

    the publishes can fill in the blanks with what they are missing (my hard earned AUSTRALIAN dollar.)

  • Seems incredibly messed up when I can import in a game disc for 360 with less hassle and cost than to download that game for PC, and they wonder why people pirate stuff on PC.

  • I was debating whether I could afford BioShock and Pirates as it was and would have eventually caved. I’ve been really good and buying all my games recently but if the publishers won’t be reasonable at least the prices on the PirateBay are.

    I’m regretting paying THQ for SupCom & STALKER after they shafted AUS. Activision can blow me – I imported my CoD4.

  • Personally i prefer Stardock nowadays as a digital distribution platform. No DRM, no country restrictions, they’ll send you a Boxed CD as well if you want, and with games like Sins of a Solar Empire out, they may well start getting some bigger publishers.

  • I purchased a copy of Civ IV on 29 March 08.

    Within minutes of loading on my laptop it crashed it and gave me the ‘blue screen of death’.

    My laptop was encrpted and consequently I have lost some 1200 images from my deployment in Iraq in 2007 with the Australian Army.

    I purchased CIV IV from EB Games who said they would give me a refund.

    But they said 2K Games is responsible for the damage to my laptop.

    Where does the buck passing stop?

    Im yet to hear from 2K Games so Ive reported the matter to the Department of Fair Trading.

    I’m pissed off !

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