2K Games Steam Titles To Return To Oz Shortly

2K Games Steam Titles To Return To Oz Shortly

ImageThe local 2K Games branch has heard back from the mothership about the mysterious disappearance of the publisher’s titles from Valve’s Steam service.

Apparently the dropped catalogue is a temporary issue, and users can expect the games to return soon. No exact date or precise explanation, but it’s good to know we won’t be going without. The update was also shared on 2K’s official forums (thanks Glen).

It should be noted that the publisher has yet to provide a reason for the Civilization IV price hike. I’m hoping the increase doesn’t magically appear on 2K’s other offerings when they return.

Fingers crossed.

Update: 2K Games officially has no comment on the price rise… which can be roughly translated as “Suck it, Australia”.


  • “Lube up and bend over” sounds more appropriate.

    There was some talk on the Steam forums about the appearance of a nice OFLC rating appearing on the Bioshock page, so maybe that was what was the cause of the update. Still very very sloppy PR work here if that was the reason for the removal.

  • If I even wanted bioshock (which I don’t, it’s a crap on-rails shooter with the illusion of choice) I’d go to play-asia or zest.

  • I can never understand why Australia always seems to be shafted by game companies left right and center. As if COD4 wasn’t enough, now 2K have gone and done this. Along with EA’s malhandling of MOH:H2 and Microsoft’s chicaning with Ninja Gaiden, it seems that screwing over Australia seems to be a pastime of publishers. From delayed releases (TV standards aren’t an excuse anymore) to cut features, one has to wonder – why, and will it ever end?

    And can someone please explain why games (and consoles, for that matter) are still costing us a fortune here when the dollar is at AU$1 = US$0.9x? Shipping is not an excuse, since I believe most of the replication process is done in Singapore.

  • In response to Spik3balloon,

    The reason is simply because there are not enough people like us around to give a shit.

    Maybe if people were picketing EB or something then maybe there would be some notice, but anything short of an article in the Saturday age or an ACA report and the status quo I am quite afraid is destined to continue.

  • About the pricing, I think that getting a download with no box for the same price, or higher, as it is in the stores, is ridiculous and I can’t believe people stand for that kind of crap. And it costing ANY more in Australia than anywhere else just makes my blood boil – bandwidth costs money, but not any more to Australia that to the US – that’s just not the way it works.

    Let’s vote with our wallets and import our games. Even with postage it’s cheaper than buying them here.

    (Sorry if this is a double, my internet is being a little weird.)

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