360 HD DVD To Drop To $US 50

Ars Technica's Microsoft mole, who's been largely on-point in previous rumours, has another bad case of the whispers, telling the site that the 360's HD-DVD player is - for some reason - in line for a rather hefty price-cut. He reckons that the add-on movie player will be slashed to $US 50. Cheap, sure, but while $US 50 wasted is less than $US 130 wasted...it's still money wasted. Only thing I'm wondering about is the fact it was meant to start today: any of you lot able to verify this?
Mole report: Xbox 360 HD DVD drive for $US 49.99 [Opposable Thumbs]


    u can still play dvd . less were a tear on the x box :P

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