3D Realms Respond To Copyright Infrigement Claims

3D Realms Respond To Copyright Infrigement Claims

So yesterday, we learned a couple of guys nobody had ever heard about were suing 3D Realms for copyright infringement. They reckon a game idea they pitched to 3D Realms was turned down, only to then be used by the company a couple of years later. Well, 3D Realms are having none of it. Posting on the Shacknews forums, 3D Realms’ CEO Scott Miller said “I can’t say much, this is a legal matter”. Then goes ahead and says a lot more.

Basically, when you run a high profile business, there will always be people looking to win the lottery by trying to leech of your success.

Contrary to their claim, no one associated with the project had ever heard of their property before we began work on it, nor had anyone on the project worked with these guys. It’s almost hilarious to see the wild claims they’ve made against us.

Miller says that Cinemagraphix Entertainment are asking for a lot more than the $US 150,000 they’ve publicly stated, and that there’s no way in hell 3D Realms are going to settle. They’re convinced they’re in the right, and will be fighting Cinemagraphix on the beaches, landing fronts, fields and streets, etc etc.
3D Realms Refutes Earth No More Suit [Next-Gen]


  • Wow, Congrats 3D realms, you have now far exceeded John Romero’s marketing team in the category of stupidly arrogant statements.

    Hell, who am I kidding, you had him beat years ago…..

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