3D Realms Sued For Copyright Infrigement

No, they're not being sued over DNF. This kerfuffle's over their upcoming sci-fi shooter Earth No More. 3D Realms are being taken to court by Cinemagraphix Entertainment, who claim that in 2005 they shopped around the concept for a sci-fi game called Earth No More. One of the companies they pitched it to was 3D Realms. They passed, thanks, but then in June 2007announced a sci-fi shooter called ...Earth No More. Co-incidence? Cinemagraphix don't think so, and in January filed for damages, including $US 150,000 and a share of the game's profits. They claim 3D Realms have pinched not just the name but the premise and concept art as well, stating that their concept and the in-development shooter are "virtually identical in substance".
3D Realms Sued Over Earth No More [Next-Gen]


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