80GB PS3 Missing From Sony's Online Store

Don't think of this as hard evidence of the impending demise of the 80GB PS3. Just think of it as...a rather strong suggestion. Sony's online store, Sony Style, is more than happy to ship you a 40GB PlayStation 3, but an 80GB model? Nunh unh. No longer in stock. No longer even appearing on the page telling you it's out of stock, it's just...not there. With Sony's GDC address tomorrow, whatever, oh, could this mean?
PlayStation 3 [Sony Style, via Gizmodo AU]


    Am hoping this means they will release a PS3 that has been redesigned to be more compact, have a bigger hard drive & have backwards compatibility.

    Seriously, this isn't news. It's stunning to see you people pay attention to the sony store 24-7. Maybe you should put some more effort in your reviews instead of concentrating on every fart sony produces, and this is coming from a sony fan.

    I don't think they have anything worth buying a PS3 for. All the good games are on the Wii.

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