90% Of United States Is Pirating DS Games?

90% Of United States Is Pirating DS Games?
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sink-1.jpgJohn Hillier is the manager of the UK-based The Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association’s Intellectual Property Crime unit. And he just made one hell of a claim about the American piracy market for the Nintendo DS.

In America it’s thought 90 percent of Nintendo DS users are playing pirated games because of R4s…takings from Nintendo DS games in the US are lower than any other console…

Seriously? Is this guy for real? Because we can’t believe that 90% of DS owners have even heard of the R4.

Chips are down for Super Mario [TheSundayPost via CVG]


  • A totally agree. Of all the people I’ve known that have DSs (at least 5) only 1 pirated games, and at least 2 of them happily pirate games and would have heard of these devices. Are a couple of my friends an accurate sample? Hardly, but we’re the most likely demographic to pirate things I reckon, considering how many mothers and grandmothers and young children have DSs.

    Not justifying pirating, but they should stop worrying about it. Handheld’s are so social (easy to show people\give them a turn) that if anything piracy promotes games – I know at least 1 friend who wants a DS and Brain Age (Training, whatever – why the fuck rename it here?) because they played it on a friend’s pirated copy. And it’s not like Nintendo isn’t raking in the cash. Not justifying piract – just saying Nintendo has nothing to worry about, so I hope they don’t really listen to these guys – not that they would.

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