"90 Percent of DS Users Playing Pirated Games"

Dscf0017.jpg Let's cut to the chase. John Hillier of the UK's Entertainment & Leisure Software Publisher Association is quote by The Sunday Post as saying about the R4 storage device used to pirate games:

In America, it's thought 90 percent of Nintendo DS users are playing pirated games because of R4s...

This coming from ELSPA's manager of Intellectual Property Crime Unit! Out of anyone in the UK, he should know what he's talking about. Now, the ELSPA is saying that Hillner never stated that, that it was a misquote. "ELSPA would certainly never presume to comment about America or anywhere else outside of the UK," points out the ELSPA. Whether it's misquotes, dumb quotes or whatever, that 90 percent number is way high, no?
MEP Battles [The Sunday Post via Eurogamer][Pic]


    I find pirating games a stupid practise.
    If you like a game, just freaking buy it. Otherwise they won't be able to continue making the games.

    And people try to say they have a flash card/modded console for completely legitimate homebrew.
    Sure thing.

    That's like saying you use limewire and torrents purely to share your home videos.

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