A Look At PS3's PlayTV

A BBC blogger got some hands on with the upcoming PlayTV. PlayTV is a jazzed up cable box for the PS3. The menus look pretty swank. The neat part? You can set something to record and switch off your console; It will then switch back on to record the show and shut itself off. Also, it supports subtitles and can live stream broadcasts onto the PSP. Slick!

PlayTV in Action [Three Speech via Gay Gamer]


    That looks really nice, I gotta get a PSP.

    I can't for that to come to the USA and destroy Microsoft's gay crap of system aka Xbox 180 i mean 360.

    PlayTv is for FTA, not cable and is for Europe only as USA has a different Digital system

    To all those who doubt play tv...
    The release date was scheduled for march 08 but now will be released in september in the UK and the rest of europe by december. The reason for the delay is because the technical team in the UK insisted that you should be able to watch a program other than the program you are recording AND that you should be able to play games while recording... so... they fixed it. The only feature it doesnt have is some 'lady-bits'.
    US and japan wont get play tv for a while, if at all, it is designed in the UK using DVB-T so that means it's only gonna work for UK, Eu, Au, NZ.

    BTW- People who say "I use windows to stream my stuff" and "you can already do this" and "I love dolls and ribbons"... what crap!
    Don't be jealous that people dont talk about or rush out to buy YOUR solution, just be happy that Play TV is coming!

    One last thing for you PS lovers... devout PC gamers and those idiots who backed XBox will always try to hate on you... just remind them that they are freakin' Microsoft's love-slaves so their comments are null and void.

    Enjoy Play TV... I know i will!

    Anyone know the new release date in Aus?? Seems to be pushed back to 'Unknown'. :(

    @ Craig

    Sony has promised it for this year, but has not confirmed a date.

    Will play tv record pay tv, as well as free to air

    I've been emailing PS3 support over the past 2 years for a release date ... they keep saying "soon...soon" .... emailed them again today ...will post if they give me any info

      Dont bother waiting. Just order it from the UK - I ordered one and was worried that it might not work - but it works perfectly in Brisbane. Just cant get SBS because it is UHF channel. Otherwise it is brilliant!!

    Can someone tell me if you can connect an external hard drive to the play tv to record so i can connect to laptop and watch or burn to disc

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