A PAL Resident's Guide To Importing Rock Band

The PAL Rock Band delay is torture. How the hell are we meant to deal with waiting until at least May, and potentially September, just to play one of the biggest games of 2007? Well, there are two ways. One is to fall to floor, curl into a fetal position and sob mercilessly for 3-7 months. That one's none too practical. The other option is to test the import waters and get your hands on the game nice and early.


    *Crawls into corner, starts sobbing*

    Ebay people, plenty of Rock Band stuff on ebay. Thats where I got mine.

    But if you import how do you get your hands on the US DLC ? and will the PAL DLC work with the US game . Guitar Hero's US DLC wont work with the PAL version

    Good article, thanks Luke! Nice to know some of the options.

    Ohnhai: That's a good question--anyone know?

    I'm with Danmazkin on this one. That corner is looking mighty comfortable for the next few months ... ooo, and I have DMC4 and Burnout Paradise over there.

    *Crawls away from the keyboard*

    I'm so glad that I imported my RockBand in dec 07 from the US to UK. It's now not appearing until August/September here and it's going to cost more than the £145 that it cost me including shipping and import tax. I received it several days before Christmas and what a great present it was!

    What really annoys me is that there's no regionalisation needed, and surely now they can make enough instruments to supply the other regions????

    Import it and enjoy!

    Does anyone know if the instuments are region free(360)? Due to the rip off price in the uk am considering importing instrument pack from U.S & purchasing software form UK.

    A canadian living in australia here.. recently took a trip home in february/08 and played rock band at a friends house... it retails around 169.99 Can, 175.671 AUD.. so that's not a big deal.. if I got a friend to pick it up for me.. I'm pretty sure he could ship it to me for less than a hundred bucks. So I could pick it up for less than 300 bucks now or wait until september/october here and pay 300+

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