A Woman Not Bashing Video Games? Impossible!

After a week of women name-calling guys who play games Man-teens and Child Men, Amanda Marcotte has proposed a radical idea: A woman can play video games, and can even spend that time with the man in her life. Marcotte's article responds to a piece written by Kathryn Jean Lopez, Arrested Development, on how Jason Bateman's character in Juno is nothing more than your typical immature husband, opting out of adulthood for an idealised adolescent lifestyle. Marcotte isn't having any of it. She sounds as tired of this whole "manboy" thing as the rest of us, and is stepping up to the table to say what all these angry women seem to be missing:

1) Women play video games. Our vaginas, surprisingly, do not stop us from using a controller.
2) The Xbox is not a widow maker. No matter how many TV specials say otherwise, men can be happy, productive individuals - both as part of a couple and a part of society - while still playing video games.
3) Movies are not the ideal place to be developing deep psychoanalytical theories about men.

Finally, a woman who isn't cursing all things video game related. I was starting to get a little lonely on the Island of Girl Gamers.

Movies and video games told me that feminists ruined men [Pandagon - thanks, Cola!]


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