A Woman's Dream Bathroom Includes A Wii

I always thought the ultimate women's bathroom involved candles, novelty-shaped bath soaps and as much potpourri as they could get their delicate little hands on. Shows what I know about women. Turns out they really just want to tile the place pink and install a Wii behind the can. Or, they do according to RotoRooter, who are offering this "pimped out powder room" as a contest prize. Powder Room? Little... sexist, don't you think? Lose the pink tiles, hair-drier and Vaio (for man-pee logistical purposes) and you've got yourself one perfectly acceptable men's crapper (no law against a man enjoying a soothing foot bath while on the crapper).
Ultimate Ladies' Room Comes With a Wii [Game|Life]


    OMG! I want! If i could fit that in my tiny appartment, i'd be the happiest girl alive!

    oh may that is just what i want and need

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