About The Day I Got Married

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Get Me My Agent

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. What seems like forty years ago, Mrs. Bashcraft was tricked into marrying me. I'm probably not an easy person to be married to. I work way too much and talk obsessively about things like Robert Mitchum. But, we've made it through another year, and she hasn't come to her senses yet and escaped. For that, I'm glad. When we got married, we were extremely poor — not delightfully wealthy like now. Those were some dark times! We were living in a tiny apartment, living off of instant ramen and wet cigarettes. Certainly didn't have enough money for a marriage ceremony, and my wife never got to wear a wedding dress (something she continues to remind me of). Our wedding consisted of going to the local city office, stamping some papers and that was it. We weren't with friends or family, but totally alone, making this decision together — a decision we didn't tell others about for days. Right after we were married, we ate robo sushi and left 10 yen coins on the train tracks. Even now, I get warm feelings when I remember me and my wife watching the local crushing those ten yen coins on that clear, crisp February afternoon.

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