Activision Take Money Money, Make Money Money (Money)

Activision have announced their fiscal results for the past quarter. Seeing as they released both Call of Duty 4, the year's top-selling game, and Guitar Hero III, the years #1 money-maker, you can probably tell backs are being patted in boardrooms across the company. Sales were up 80% from this time last year, at $US 1.48 billion, while profits were up from $1US 42.8 million to $US 272.2 million. All that cash has cemented Activision's spot as North America's #1 publisher, with Activision boss Bobby Kotick saying that NPD figures have them sitting atop a throne built from the skulls of fallen EA franchises. Also mentioned was the fact Call of Duty 5 and several Guitar Hero titles will be out next fiscal year, along with the company's first Bond game, based on the upcoming "Quantum of Solace" movie. Oh, and over 5 million Guitar Hero songs have now been sold just on Xbox Live. Wow.


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