AFK Cafe Leaves Keyboard Forever

AFK Cafe Leaves Keyboard Forever
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With relatively speedy broadband available to most homes, the allure of the Internet cafe, and even the friendly LAN, is not what it once was. The thriving community of like-minded gamers looking for low pings and a safe environment away from the prying eyes of parents, significant others and correctional officers is dying a slow death.

Tipster Quadlex sends word that the AFK Cafe, based in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, has just closed its doors, citing financial strain and other commitments as the reasons for its demise.

According to Quadlex, AFK Cake was home to a variety of gamers, not just the electronic sort. Tabletop fans found solace within its walls, and the venue provide excellent food and atmosphere. Apparently the owners were a bit of alright too.

A disappointing day for Brisbane gamers and a reflection of the changing face of the pastime in general. You can read the owner’s final statement after the jump.

It is my sad duty to inform you that, as of 3pm today, afk cafe (an internet cafe in Woolloongabba, Brisbane) is closed for good. For those of you who had organised events here (especially the Blood Bowl League and the Board Game group) or just like to hang out here, we’re very sorry. It was a combination of financial and workload pressure that forced this closure, and while it may seem sudden it has been an option for a while. It is not a decision that has been made lightly.

All those involved with the running of afk wish to extend a very grateful thank you to everyone who has offered their help and support while we’ve been open. Special thanks are due to our members and regulars, without whom we could not have made it this far.

The money we have raised for Child’s Play will still go towards gaming equipment for the Mater Children’s Hospital, and we will let you know the results of that effort when it’s wrapped up.

We will be keeping the Livejournal community and Facebook group open for the next week or two for those who want to comment on or discuss the closure.

[Thanks Quadlex]


  • Ventrilo and cheap, ubiquitous broadband have killed the LAN. Even going to the top-of-the-line setups in Sydney, you wind up asking yourself what you’re getting that you can’t get a home, and worse, dealing with broken hardware and exposure to other people’s ear diseases.

    It’s a pity, because I like the idea of going to a LAN with the lads, maybe picking up some of that Vitamin D I’ve been hearing so much about.

  • It is a sad, sad day. AFK was the ultimate hangout for geeks. I wish the owners good luck in future ventures, and know that they will be missed.


  • AFK was so much more than just a LAN cafe. They had great food (and I am very fussy about my cafe food) and even better coffee. There were geeks from different parts of the community (board games, sci-fi, gaming) and they all mixed on a regular basis. The cafe was quite often full (both the computers and all the couches, tables, etc) on Friday and Saturday afternoon/evenings.

    Unfortunately, I think this lead to it’s downfall. A single person can only eat/drink so much in a single sitting, and having people just hang around in the cafe for 12 hours doesn’t really turn over that much cash.

    It was a fantastic concept and the owner (Jason) was an excellent ‘leader’ for his bunch of customers. If only they could’ve survived for another 12 months, they probably would’ve started to make money *and* be able to bring the concept to other cities. But, I understand why that wasn’t a possibility.

    I miss AFK 🙁

  • A mate and I went down and checked AFK out about 2 months ago and it was truly a great place. It had a relaxed, and mature atmosphere. I dont know if its a reflection of Brisbane lan center’s in general, but quite a few have closed their doors recently. The Sunnybank centers are still going strong, though they offer nothing like the services at AFK. A real shame.

  • You can has no more cheeseburger. 🙁

    I’ve been depressed ever since I heard the news. From the first time I walked into the place, I felt like I was home. Aside from the really good food and excellent coffee (and I’m *really* picky about coffee,) the atmosphere was great. And the people were awesome. Almost every time I went in to grab a drink, or something to eat, I ended up staying for hours chatting, sometimes with the owner, sometimes with complete strangers.

    I’m far too cynical to have believed that AFK would last forever. But I hoped.

  • It’s a sad day – this place was a gamers chill-out zone for Brisbane and had a great mocha coffee to boot.

    I’m glad we Brisbanites had the privilege of having such a cool place to hang out at for the time we had.

    Hope that Jason and his wife bounce back from this venture and find success elsewhere.

  • dont feel so bad you can all come to my internet cafe its in woollongabaa as well at 789a stanly street near the gabba cricket ground so come on down first hour free for ex afk peeps

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