Age of Decadence Designer Angry - Probably With You

aod.jpg Vince D. Weller, lead designer of indie RPG Age of Decadence, is pissed. Really, really pissed. Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted several good interviews this week, but it was this impressively vitriolic entry that really caught my attention. Anger over poor reception of a turn based battle system, a discussion of RPG design history, and a few well-placed insults aimed at the Rock, Paper, Shotgun readership just for good measure - well, it makes for a fascinating read:

I'm a big fan of the "honest and blunt" approach. An internet reader has a right to visit a game site and read "Did Oblivion really suck or what?" or "Molyneux has gotta be on drugs!", don't you think? Instead every journalist pretends that Oblivion was a 10/10 brilliant masterpiece, that Molyneux isn't a lying old kook, and that Dungeon Siege wasn't a screensaver. Then Chris Taylor says that he's making Space Siege even simpler and everyone nods in agreement: Right on, man! It's about time someone makes a game for the amputees. BRA-VO!

You can practically hear him frothing at the mouth. He does have some interesting takes on things, though I think he could've toned it down a bit and had more success at getting his points across without leaving his audience with mouths gaping.

Against RPG Decadence: Vince D. Weller Interview [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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