Al Lowe Says Google Hurts Adventure Games

For those who grew up in the early days of PC adventure gaming, Al Lowe needs no introduction. To those whom need such an introduction, Crecente is coming by your house later to use his feared hair whip fatality. Anyway, here's what the point and click adventure god had to say about developing adventure games in the modern gaming world:

No, not futile, but not mainstream either.

He continues:

They're not the majority audience as they were in the 80s. That same small slice of people who enjoy puzzle solving, being stuck, and figuring things out still exist. Of course, the Internet has hurt the puzzle aspect of adventure games. When you know that Google can find the answer to any puzzle, it's very tempting to go take a look!

He's right, part of the fun of those games was that, other than a few strategy guides, there was nowhere to turn for answers but to your PC dork friends. (And btw, did anyone ever beat Wayne's World? I never could.) Hit up Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the entire superb interview if you have any interest in Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, the history of modern gaming, etc etc etc. Seriously, this one is well worth the read. RPS Interview: Al Lowe [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    did you really consider this newsworthy?,

    before the internet we would have had to paid for strategy guides. big whoop we can get it faster and cheaper now.

    I think you've missed there point there, YAS. Easily accessible hints is the sworn enemy of adventure/puzzle games. Part of the fun of this genre is having the sense of overwhelming achievement solving puzzles on your own, without any aid.

    Also, I think this is absolutely newsworthy, especially to audience who has grown up playing games made by the Big Greats, like Al Lowe.

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