Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon

The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is back with another irreverent flash game to help you while away a lazy Monday morning. This time around they're taking on the Trauma Center series with the game Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon. Join Alan, a pizza delivery guy whose truck's faithful meeting with a former doctor leads him to give up his day job in favor of performing unauthorised surgery in a dirty clinic. Open the patient with your pizza cutter, remove glass with salad tongs, close them up with your stapler and then cauterize the wound with your Zippo! Other available tools include a corkscrew, a car battery, and an Etch-A-Sketch? All the fun of surgery with none of those silly hygiene guidelines - plus his name is an anagram for Anal Probe! Top quality.

Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon [Adult Swim Games - Thanks king_e_dawg!]


    how do you get past eddy?!?
    i always run out of time and it says that i either burned the patient to death with the lighter, or he lost too much blood.
    are there any tricks to beat him??

    You have to slowly burn the devices, then stitch him up. When you get to the end, you have to cut his collar off. Just go slow at it. And dont forget, if he starts to die, you can always use the corkscrew with the cream. It helps alot.

    how do u get past the chick on file 2? the one with the brain surgery. I got past the white stuff in the brain and cut out the right side of the brain and closed up all the wounds, now im stuck

    I'm stuck on officer brutality,can you help me?

    there isnt a trick for the time? i stuck at peter on the third file..!!heLpp..!!

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