An Early Look At Fable 2 Achievements

We won't dare put a date on Fable 2, but we now have a developer-sourced impression of what the Peter Molyneux-led role-playing game's achievements will look like. Mike West, lead scripter at Lionhead Studios, explains in a recent blog posting just how the team has determined the set of Xbox Live Achievements that will be incorporating into Fable 2, praising and poo-pooing how his peers handled the task.

The currently unnamed achievements run the gamut from story-driven milestones to those won in combat to a handful of "secret" gamerscore boosters. Even though West dogs Eternal Sonata for being littered with "secret" achievements and talks up statistics that say such things discourage games sales, if they had their druthers, there'd be more.

Read on for West's analysis of how others handled it, such as Mistwalker's Blue Dragon achievements ("Terrible").

Achievements, What Achievements? [Fable Dev Blog - thanks, Amandeep!]


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