Another New SFIV Character Revealed

Famitsu has posted pictures of another new face appearing in the fourth installment of the Street Fighter series, and it's a big blond guy! Named Abel, he is a rather muscular bloke wearing white hand guards, blue shin guards, tight white shorts and a blue shirt of some sort. Billed as "The man with no past", Abel seems to have amnesia - a first for a video game character. From the always deadly accurate translation tool, Babelfish:

On the basis of little clue, plain gauze dollar - the young person who continues to chase the remnant. The troop you train and you use the comprehensive grapple technique which seems. At first glance is not sociable, but the person we do not dislike, being raw serious, polite character. Past memory is lost.

Okay then. I thought they were going to focus on introducing new female characters myself, though judging from the recent Chun Li screenshots we can't rule out that gender is among the things Abel forgot.

More Abel Pics Here [Famitsu - Thanks SGeek!]


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