Another PS3 Game Has A Mandatory 5GB Install?

And it's...Hot Shots Golf 5. Really? Hot Shots Golf 5? Look, small mandatory installs, those are fine. We've had plenty of those before. And with a game like Devil May Cry 4, you can understand a developer wanting to get the most out of the hardware (even if they should have given us the option of an install). The trade-off - ie fast loading times - for a big game like that, people are OK with. But Hot Shots Golf 5? If the final retail build ships like this, a 20-odd-minute wait and 5GB of HDD space for a cartoon golf game is taking the piss. Dear PS3 developers: this is a worrying trend. Please stop.
PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds [PS3 Fanboy]


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