Apparently, Girls Like ELF Online

While Jeff Freeman's look at ELF Online was an instant classic as far as I was concerned, perhaps even better is an actual press release from Happy MMO. Nothing special seems to be happening (other than announcing that girls like the game), but there's never a bad time for a deliciously awful Chinese MMO company press release — and what better way to drum up support for your wacky MMO than with an equally bizarre press release. Xin nian kuai le, indeed. Full release in all its Engrish glory after the jump.

Surprised? But Girls Like It

What makes the Elf Online ( specially favored by girls? Quest? PK? No, weapons? You got it.

Weapons are the most shinning point of Elf Online. Getting tired of the stereotyped Excalibur in every RPG shining with golden lights? Elf Online ( provide something that overthrow these stereotyped thing?

According to a survey in game, most of girls do not choose the dated swords, huge axes and falchions. They prefered these creative weapons that are unique in Elf Online ( such clothes rack, fishing rod, ferule, strap and some other strange items that makes them special in game. To some extend, what girls compete in game is not only who gets the most powerful weapons but also who get the most peculiar one.


Dizarre dress, weapons, creative features and extrodinary game settings is what makes girls so addicted to Elf Online ( What you are expected to get may be a kitchen fruit knife, sanitary settings or even mummy's cloth rack. May be one day, you will wear a pair of slippers and a suit with a guitar in hand fighting with the final boss in game, being the top one in Elf Online (

There is nothing you can't do. Let's see what you will get in Elf Online.

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