Apple Probably Not As Keen On Gaming As You Think

Think Apple are about to bet the farm on entering the console race? Maybe not. A "senior development source" has told British trade mag Develop that they're doing nothing of the sort. Rather, the recent game-related trademarks that popped up are more likely to mean a bigger push on Apple's part to bolster the iPod games market, which for all the device's popularity can't be performing as well as they'd have hoped. He also mentions the rather more obvious fact that Apple have spent a lot of time and money building their reputation on the consumer electronics side of things, and are not about to go blowing all that by entering a console market that's already tough enough as it is.
'iPod is Apple's game gateway' says insider [Develop]


    Entering the console or handheld market now would be SUICIDE. Entering the computer gaming market now? Not such a bad idea, but they'd need something pretty revolutionary to succeed.

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