Arcade Gaming Making A Comeback

I. Love. Arcades. Seems I'm not alone! Forbes has a short piece about the retro arcade revival going on in the States. While some Americans are content to play retro titles on emulators and whatnot, there is a growing number of gamers who want a realer experience. And with the US arcade scene limping along, some are getting their gaming fix by purchasing retro game cabinets for home use. Says Rick Kirby of coin-op supplier Betson Enterprise:

The last few years, we've seen an all-time high in sales of machines for home use... The buyers of these machines are families, husbands and wives who grew up playing the games in the arcades and today want them for their game rooms.

Of course, there are places in the States like Brooklyn's Barcade, which do a lovely job of preserving these cabinets. Shame there aren't more places like Barcade.
Arcade Games Make A Comeback [Forbes via Arcade Renaissance][Pic]


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