Asian Halo 3 Bundle Misses Christmas By Two Months

But that's OK, because that's not the point! This one's aimed at cashing in on Chinese new year's celebrations. The bundle includes a 20GB 360, a copy of Halo 3 and two wireless controllers, which is a nice touch. It'll set you back 669 Singaporean dollars (USD$440), which looks like a lot but is only $US 20 more than the Christmas Viva Pinata/Forza bundle, a good deal since most buyers would probably prefer the second controller to the second - ie Viva Pinata - game. As for other Asian territories, it'll cost HK$3,199 in Hong Kong and NT$13,680 in Taiwan. Guey Hay Fat Choy!
Microsoft ushers in CNY with festive Xbox bundle [Cnet, via Giz]


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