Asteroids Coffee Table, Helloooo Compromise

m1pXgoTTR4gir3h3sgBwYnp7_400.jpgAll those gaming figurines are neat and everything, but the last thing I want to be doing is explaining who Cloud is and how he carries such a large sword without his arm falling off during a dinner party. And multiply that statement times a thousand for my wife.

Items like this Asteroids coffee table balance that gaming yin with having a house that doesn't look straight out of a Pokemon episode yang. It's subtle, classy and will match just about any couch you can throw at it. But only 50 will be produced in a limited run this year, proving once again that anyone who says happiness comes free is a fucking delusional bastard. Check out the "Invasion" version after the jump.

Brand New, Your Retro
[Mostly This: via Wonderland]


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